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EMT Practice Tests Plus+


✓ Create a personalized study plan to keep yourself accountable

✓ Work through three (3) full-length EMT-Basic practice tests, with detailed answers and explanations to every question

✓ Take notes on question type and content

✓ Earn knowledge points to make studying fun

✓ Discover your strengths as well as your weaknesses so you can focus your studies

✓ Best for: test takers already comfortable with the covered content, but need practice to perfect their skills and pacing for test day


Master the™ EMT-Basic Certification Exams


✓ In-depth subject reviews covering all sections of the test.

✓ 3 full-length practice tests, including detailed explanations for the answers to every question.

✓ Sample EMT Basic Skill Evaluation Sheets to track your improvement. ✓ Up-to-date list of state EMT agencies, as well as EMS organizations and journals.

✓ Instruction on how to properly handle HAZMAT emergencies.

 Best for: future EMTs wanting help with both exam strategy and instructional problem solving. Provides ample opportunity for practice.


Master the™ Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam


✓ Your step-by-step guide to mastering the exam. Peterson’s in-depth winning strategies + your work ethic = wild success!

✓ 2 full-length practice tests, and reviews of every question type on the exam.

✓ Proven test-taking strategies to help you reach your peak performance.

✓ Expert tips on how to best analyze job announcements and perform well on job interviews.

 Best for: students wanting help with both test strategy and instructional problem solving. Provides ample opportunity for practice.

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